Heavy Duty Pipe Cutters

Construction professionals need heavy-duty, time-saving tools when it comes to cutting pipes. Reed's heavy duty pipe cutters for large diameters pipes are available in a variety of specifications with alternate wheel options available to ensure you have the perfect size and fit for your project.

Choose a tool that works as hard as you do, producing the professional and top-quality cuts you desire. These durable, long-lasting pipe cutters slice cleanly leaving no burr, making them ideal for threading jobs. Reed's Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter features wide, strong, malleable iron frames, and the rollers are placed on the side away from the operator to make the cutter wheel closer ensuring square cuts.

Safety without sacrificing quality is critical for any construction project. Don't risk an accident, and avoid having your cutter slip when working on slick stainless steel or corroding pipe. Choose the Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter with Guides to give workers' extra stability and reliability while making each cut. The additional sturdiness comes from the spring-tensioned guide bars to ensure square alignment. The guide ensures a superior cut, because the worker is not estimating the alignment. Guide bars on Reed Heavy Duty Pipe Cutters are designed exclusively for Reed to give more stability than other cutters and reducing motion wear on the wheels. Additionally, the shorter handle allows workers to cut in tight spaces.

Alternate wheel options ensure you have the right blade for your project. Reed's Heavy Duty Pipe Cutters work on steel, stainless steel, or cast iron pipe, depending on the wheel.


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