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Reed Manufacturing

Reed Mfg. was established on 1896. It is still family owned and operated and a great company to do business with. Reed is one of the few that stills manufactures a large part of their product line in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Reed Mfg. is known industry-wide for being an innovative company, as they are always improving their products and coming up with new products for today’s problems.

  • Pipe & tubing cutters and cutter wheels  - Reed offers cutter wheels for their cutters as well as for many other brand pipe and tubing cutters.
  • Large diameter pipe tools – Reed offers a wide selection of tools for large pipe including universal pipe cutters, chain tongs, rotary cutters, strap wrenches and more.  These are all high quality tools ready to stand up to the wear and tear they get working on oil rigs, large infrastructure job and pipe line work.
  • Plastic pipe tools – Tools designed to be used on PVC, CPVC, PP, ABS or PE pipe.  Reed offers many ways to cut plastic pipe, they offer shears, tubing cutters or saws. They also have high quality pipe fitting reamers, PS Flare Tools, deburring tools and more.
  • Water service tool – Reed is well known for their water service tools. They manufacture popular tapping machines, hydrostatic test pumps, valve and curb keys, and more!
  • Machines, vises, wrenches, groovers, power drives threaders and more.

Reed tools are backed by a lifetime warranty; see the details in Reeds website.

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