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ICS Concrete Chainsaw

ICS concrete chainsaws are an innovative way to cut reinforced concrete, masonry, brick and natural stone. A great tool for making square penetrations through materials up to 25in. thick, holes can be as small as 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 in. without any over cut. Cut in doors and windows from one side with no need to cut opening from both sides, saving valuable time.

ICS concrete saws are available in gasoline, hydraulic, and air powered versions. The gasoline version now uses the common 50:1 gas/oil mix like most other gas powered hand held concrete saws, making them more convenient to operate than ever. The hydraulic and air powered saws can be used for underwater concrete cutting applications with proper care and maintenance, expanding the range of environments ICS saws can get work done.

All of these attributes make ICS chainsaws the ideal tools for contractors or anyone else who needs to cut a square hole in concrete without overcutting, or who has an opening to cut that a normal round diamond blade can't handle. Popular applications include ducts, egresses, doors, windows, culverts, natural stone cuts, underwater cutting, pilings, pipe openings, pipe junctions, building renovations, hardscape, and curb cutting.

Diamond Chains: ICS developed the concrete chainsaw with a patented diamond chain using Seal Pro technology for longer chain life.  Diamond chains are available for cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, and natural stone. ICS also developed the Powergrit diamond chain designed to cut ductile pipe. When this is paired with a Force4 bar and powerhead, it is a safer alternative to cutting ductile pipe in a trench, popular with utility contractors.


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