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Valve Curb Keys

Water utility professionals never know when an emergency job can happen.  Be prepared with our hard-working, affordable Reed Valve Curb Keys available in a variety of options to meet the needs of your project.

 Reed Ratcheting Valve Keys are necessary for any water utility job.  When compared to other models, Reed provides more comfort with the way it designed its ratchet handle operation, reducing back strain and operator fatigue.  They are designed to close to a length under 4-foot long to fit in crowded utility trucks, behind truck seats, or in car trunks. 

 Reed Valve Operators are the time-saving tool for water utility professionals.  This power alternative allows one worker by himself to isolate a leak by shutting multiple valves.  The power drive models are available in pneumatic or electric and feature a basic clutch or digital counter clutch.  Both models apply up to 150 pounds of torque and disengage when torque exceeds preset value.  This tool is portable, which is a great option when the job area is away from your truck. 

 Water utility professionals need valve and curb keys that are built for strength and durability.  Designed with a compact size to fit in crowded trucks, these tools support a maximum torque of 200 foot-pounds.  Reed valve and curb keys feature strong welds at critical points and will bend before they break to indicate overload.  These keys are made in the U.S.A. and available for purchase in a kit containing the six most used keys.  Ensure customer satisfaction when you have the right key size during an emergency.  Be prepared for any job, and buy this kit at our great price for your utility truck. 


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