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Plastic Pipe Fitting Reamers

Plastic pipe fitting reamers are designed to save time and money by cleaning broken and old plastic pipe, removing any leftover solvent cement, and preparing it to be reused in a pipe fitting.  When a pipe breaks off in a fitting, you can reuse all the good PVC pipe by repairing only the broken section.  Everyone these days is recycling and taking steps toward sustainable living, and in this case it also offers greater affordability by reusing pipe.  Reed fitting reamers are a considered a green tool to help you conserve and reuse plastic pipe with minimal waste. 

 Reamers attach to a standard or cordless ½ inch drill or impact drill, giving workers options for easy access and maneuverability when repairing pipes.  The durable, long-lasting carbide inserts are available as 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch and 4 inch. These Reed fitting reamers feature a four-sided carbide insert that adds an extra cutting edge after 180-degree cutting rotation.  For added value, rotate the reamer before you replace it, getting you three extra cutting edges and extending the life of the reamer. 

 You have the option to buy an individual reamer in the specific size you need, or buy a kit including all sizes to ensure you are always prepared for any pipe repair job.  These valuable Reed reamer kits include either 4 or 6 Plastic pipe fitting reamers securely packed in a durable case with padded protection around each reamer.  No one knows when a pipe may burst or crack, so be prepared for pipe repairs with Reed plastic pipe fitting reamers. 06152017


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