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Hard Hats

Head protection is a key component in your safety tool box. We offer hard hats designed for tough work, but without sacrificing comfort. Our lightweight hard hats are available in different designs and multiple options to ensure you get the personal protection you need.

Bump caps are designed for applications where hard hats are not required but you still want protection from small bumps or possible scratches to the scalp. A bump cap is an easy, great option for anyone who wants simple head protection. A bump cap slips right on and is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

A cap style hard hat is the most popular choice for head protection on an industrial job site. Construction professionals, contractors, architects and most anyone coming on to the site need head protection. We offer cap style hard hats in a variety of colors – standard and high vision neon colors. We also offer a choice between 4-point or 6-point ratchet options. You simply pick the ratcheting option that gives you the most comfortable fit.

A full brim hard hat provides all-around protection with a brim that offers a lip all the way around the head, not just at the front like the cap-style hard hat. A sleek shell hard hat has a full brim and is considered the ideal choice for linemen. It offers impact and penetration resistance with a ridgeless, low-profile design.

Buy your hard hats today and have them delivered directly to you with no hassle. We offer great, low prices so you can protect yourself and your workers without breaking your budget.


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