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Deburring Tools

Pipe deburring tools are a convenient and extremely efficient way to remove burrs and to chamfer plastic and metal pipes for safety, better fit, and unobstructed flow. Quickly and easily deburr a plastic pipe by turning with your hand or a ratchet wrench, making these tools convenient and indispensable. Remove the burrs from metal, copper, aluminum or steel with our sturdy, handheld deburring tool.

Deburring tools are great for all sorts of jobs, from residential repairs of pipes in your home, to large pipe installations on construction sites. Use these tools to remove burrs from plumbing lines, water service lines, radiant heating, copper pipe installations, and gas lines. Unnecessary burrs can reduce flow through all types of pipe, metal or plastic, so these tools are a necessary addition to any tool box. The DEB4 removes burrs from various plastic pipes, such as PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PP up to 4 inches in diameter. The DEB3 deburrs aluminum, copper, and steel tubing.  Both types of tools have unlimited capacity, because the DEB4 blades can be sharpened or replaced, and the DEB3 comes with two extra blades.

These handheld tools are designed for workers’ comfort and safety as they remove burrs from the edges of pipes. Each tool allows for a secure hold and comfortable grip, protecting the worker and not damaging the pipe.  They are small enough to carry in your pocket and allow for easy access and quick jobs. Whether it's a large or small project, anytime you are cutting pipe you need to remove the burrs, so make sure to have a deburring tool on hand to make the job quick and simple.


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