Reed Mfg Water Service Shut-Off Tools from Jim & Slim's Tool Supply - Jim & Slims Tool Supply

Water Service Shut-Off Tools

When it’s time for professional, pipe work, don’t waste time with weak tools that can’t stop the water.  Reed Water Service Shut-Off tools stop the water flow immediately so that you can get to work fast.

 Buy the most reliable, strongest, best-in-the-business shut-off tool when you purchase Reed’s Water Service Shut-Off Tool.  This one-size-fits-all tool is designed for emergency shut offs and squeezes to ensure a complete shut on PE water lines.  This tool is zinc plated and will resist corrosion.  The knurled grip catches and holds the pipe, while the latch at the open-end works to securely close until the repair is made.  The front-end features a snap hinge device that can be taken apart quickly to allow work in confined areas.

 Reed’s Copper shut-off tools is designed for the service professional working on type K copper tubing of service lines.  It is built to last with either steel or aluminum castings for long service life and superior strength.  The handle can be positioned in two different, perpendicular angles and are zinc plated to resist corrosion.  The one-piece construction with no accessories to lose eliminates the need for screw wrench. 

 Reed PE Squeeze-Off tools is the preferred choice for professionals.  These self-contained tools provide multiple pipe / SDR stops in one tool.  All the parts store on the tool, making it self-contained with no loose parts.  Reed tools can stop the flow in 1/2 inch to 8 inch pipes.  Ensure you are prepared for any job with the sliding bar handles that make work in tight places easier, while increasing leverage for tightening.  You will have top customer satisfaction with this equipment, because the Reed PE Squeeze-Off tool uses positive stops to prevent damage caused by over-clamping.


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