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Hinged Pipe Cutters

Construction professionals need heavy-duty, time-saving tools when it comes to cutting pipes. Reed offers innovative tools with its specifically designed Hinged Pipe Cutter. Reed invented the Hinged Pipe Cutter and created it to operate with or without "helper handles". It's available in a variety of specifications to ensure you have the perfect size and fit for your project.

Reed's Hinged Pipe Cutters can cut with less than 4 inches of clearance, allowing operators to finish their pipe cutting project in most any location. The innovative handle allows for greater efficiency by needing to swing only 90 to 110 degrees. Use it anywhere your job takes you - in a ditch, underwater, overhead or in a rack of pipes. They can be used in locations with specific requirements, such as explosive environments, because there is no shower of sparks from the cold cut.

Reed offers the Hinged Cutter with Helper Handles to allow two people work together for bigger and tougher cuts. The helper handles double your power, offering a handle to a second operator. This is a great choice for cutting well casing.

Reed offers a variety of wheels that are interchangeable ensure you get the perfect blade for your pipe. Wheels are available for steel, cast iron, ductile iron, 80 steel and 100 steel. Reed long-lasting wheels are created from high, shock-resistant steel on computerized machines and then precisely heat treated.

A tool invented by Reed, the Hinged Pipe Cutter is created to cut quicker and easier saving you time, labor hours, and money.


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