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Drill Powered Chamfering Tool

Drill powered chamfering tools are a fast and efficient method for chamfering the inside and outside edges of plastic pipes.  Eliminate sharp pipe edges, poor pipe joins, and leaky glue joints with Reed’s PB series chamfering tools.  It is critical to chamfer for a solid connection at each pipe to maximize the efficiency of your pipe system.  Whether it’s a small and simple or a large and complicated system, these powerful tools ensure a clean, proper cut and bevel consistently and repeatedly. 

A smooth, seamless chamfer is necessary for any pipe fitting job, and Reed’s PB series create a 15-degree chamfer quickly and consistently on both the internal and external edges of the pipe.  These tools are essential for installing and maintaining any plastic pipe system of PVC, CPVC, ABS and PE.  Reed’s drill powered chamfering tools are also ideal for vent pipe, such as System 636® pipe.  Chamfering pipes is a critical first step when installing a pipe system to avoid mechanical failures, future complications, potential leaks and pressure loss.  Failing to create a proper join when initially fitting plastic pipes can cause future downtime and extra cost to repair the system. 

Reed’s drill powered chamfering tools are available in three sizes – 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch – sold individually or all-together in a sturdy, durable case.  These tools easily attach to a standard cordless drill, minimizing workers’ fatigue and maintaining repeated quality cuts.  Buying Reed chamfering tools for your plastic pipe system installation ensures you have the advantage and ability to create and maintain a perfect pipe system. 06172017


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