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Wrenches for Pipe Work

Construction professionals need the absolute best options when it comes to standard tools used every day.  No one can afford to waste time with wrenches that slip, break, and just don’t fit tight on a nut.  Make sure you purchase a wrench made of tough materials that tighten securely with a comfortable handle for steady gripping.  The faster you can tighten and loosen nuts, bolts, and pipes, the faster your job is complete with customer satisfaction. 

An adjustable wrench is the one tool everyone needs.  Priced so affordable, you can get an extra in case one is ever lost of left at the job site.  Consider a socket value set with multiple sized ratchets to fit the most popular water works fasteners.  Ratchet wrenches are faster to use than pipe wrenches or adjustable wrenches.  For the pipe professional who needs a heavy-duty tool, aluminum pipe wrenches are the best choice for their tighter tolerances and better fits.  Consider buying an offset hex or pipe wrench to prepare yourself for any project.

 Do you use a heavy-duty wrench every day, or just need a standard wrench for quick fixes at home?  No matter the need or the job, we have the wrench for you.  Shop our extensive line to find all types of wrenches – pipe, ratchets, adjustable, hydrant, strap, chain, torque, thru-bolt, valve packing, valve wheel, smooth jaw, wide mouth, ratcheting hydrant and basin.  Buy everything you need at a great price here at Jim & Slim’s Tool Supply. 

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