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Plastic Pipe Cutters for Large Diameter Pipe

Water service professionals need heavy-duty, time-saving tools when it comes to cutting pipes. Reed's Plastic Pipe Cutters for Large Diameters Pipes are available in a variety of specifications to ensure you have the perfect size and fit for your project. PLAS In-Line Rotary Cutters are the ideal choice to cut PVC or PE pipe either above ground or in a trench.

On the job site, less prep work means less labor costs. This valuable tool lets you work in tight locations, because it only requires a 6 to 8 inch clearance to turn the PLAS around the pipe. Reduce your overall labor costs with this inexpensive tool that allows you to make a cut for a tie-in or pipe break and then get the line back in use.

This tool creates quality cuts each time. The outboard rollers keep the cutter in line on the pipe to ensure perfection. The tool is long-lasting thanks to the carbide-tipped blades that can penetrate a pipe wall up to 2 inches thick. Alternatively, Reed specially designed a hardened steel blade for cutting PE pipe.

The PLAS In-Line Rotary Pipe Cutters are specially-designed to cut large diameters pipes without contaminating the pipe. It is an extremely safe waterworks tool that creates no dust and chips as it seamlessly cuts the pipe. Have peace of mind knowing there is no risk for chips being blown into the pipe as you cut.

Simplify a tough job for your workers with this user-friendly, safe waterworks tool designed to work in tight locations.


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