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Soil Pipe Cutters

Reed soil pipe cutters are the best choice when purchasing pipe tools. Soil pipe cutters are the fastest pipe tools for slicing through cast iron soil pipe, clay pipe, and small diameter concrete pipes. These tools are ideal for gray water applications. Choose a long-lasting, durable Reed soil pipe cutter to make sure you have the quality tools that work as hard as you do.

Reed continually offers newer and better tools. Reed has improved the design of its soil pipe cutters by providing stronger jaws and more durable adjusting screws, which are interchangeable with older models. The captured screw was first introduced by Reed and makes the pipe cutter easier to use and adds value by reducing breakage of the screw and cutter. Reed's soil pipe cutters are long-lasting, quality tools that save you future costs for replacing worn out screws and cutters.

These pipe tools are versatile enough to follow you to most any location where you need to cut pipe. If you are working in a constrained space, choose the SC49 ratcheting model. This model includes a multiple use 1/2 inch ratchet wrench ensuring you have all the necessary equipment to quickly cut pipe. The SC59 soil pipe cutter is the ideal choice to make fast cuts. This single stroke model efficiently exerts the operators pressure to quickly slice through tough materials.

Reed soil pipe cutters are designed for maximum productivity on any job site. No matter the size of the project, a Reed soil pipe cutter, available in fast-cutting stroke model or compact ratchet model, is the best pipe tool choice.


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