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Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are an important piece in your safety tool box, but not intended to stay packed away. Make sure you always have them on hand. They are affordable enough at our low prices to keep an extra pair in your car or at home. In today's world, anyone can benefit from safety glasses. Not only do they protect your eyes from unexpected dust and debris, but they filter out harmful lights that bother your vision, lead to headaches, or cause eye fatigue.

Safety glasses go beyond the construction site and are ideal for most outdoor leisure activities. We offer lens colors to improve your vision while hunting, fishing, golfing, jogging, and biking just to name a few. The right color lens can improve depth perception during hazy and foggy conditions. The can be large enough to go over your prescription glasses, or you can buy a pair that has an insert for your specific prescription lens.  We also sell reading safety glasses so that you can still read and know your eyes are protected.

Even if you work in an office, consider our safety glasses with clear lens to help block blue light. Blue light is radiated from computer monitors, tablets, and smart phones. Our safety glasses can minimize the blue light effects on your eyes, making it easier to sleep at night and reduce headaches or vision fatigue.

If you want complete confidence that your safety glasses are protecting your eyes, we offer models with back head straps and wrap around front lenses. A pair of safety glasses with a back head strap ensures the glasses do not loosen and fall off no matter how you hold your head. Wrap around front lenses give you extra protection on the sides of your eyes and face.

Order safety glasses today at our affordable price. We offer the best prices to make it easy to keep extra pairs wherever you might need eye protection – at work and at home.

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