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Fall Protection

The first step to increase safety for construction professionals is to provide the essential fall protection equipment. If you are just getting started, fully-stocked fall protection kits are a great value to ensure you have the basics for your project. Beyond these basic safety items, choose to maximize the overall effectiveness of your safety system with additional reliable, durable items. Workers should have access to all standard fall protection items, including but not limited to harnesses, lanyards, retractable life lines, and anchor points. Browse our product lines for the best options and best value in safety solution products.

Fall protection is designed with every trade in mind. Roofers, concrete workers, maintenance professionals, and many other construction workers' projects are often completed at height. We offer solutions that cater to all different job requirements. Some workers need protection from a fall, but others need 360-degree movement without tangling in ropes or cables. Consider fall protection that offers more than just safety, but also comfort and ease of movement. We offer body harnesses with lumbar support for additional comfort and anchor points to allow for complete 360-rotation and back and forth movement. Don’t forget retractable coils to avoid slack in a lifeline. No matter the job, we have a solution for your height needs.

When it comes to protecting you and your workers, fall protection just isn’t optional. Fortunately, we offer the most affordable, durable items to work as hard as you do. Ensure the safety of you and your workers with the best, longest-lasting safety items available.

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