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Vises for Pipe Work

Reed vises for pipe work are hard-working and built solid with a powerful grip. No matter where your project takes you, Reed offers many versatile, unique options to secure your pipe or irregular work. Reed is the industry leader in cost-for-capacity value among vices by offering a chain vice with a standard 3-sided jaw, and Reed is the only manufacturer of a 12-inch capacity vice.

Safety is critical on any job site, and Reed vises for pipe work are designed to secure no matter how irregular the shape. Chain vises are the best option to grip irregular work, in addition to pipe, because of the flexibility of the chain sections. The Reed Chain Vises are the best value, because they come standard with 3-sided jaws.

Reed's Yoke Pipe Vice offers four points of contact for the jaws to grip the pipe making it the number one choice for all pipe work. Ideal for high-torque applications, Reed Yoke Pipe Vices are made of ductile or malleable iron with hardened, high carbon steel jaws for toughness and long life. They switch back and forth from left- to right-hand operation, making it easy to work around obstructions.

Reed's Field Pipe Vise is the top choice for heavy-duty, pre-trench or field work. Outworking the competition again, the Reed Field Pipe Vice comes with a stand designed to hold more capacity and greater weight than others, but it weighs just 20.6 pounds.

Reed's Pipe Welding Vise is the best choice for the most common pipe welding needs. This portable vice has screws and chains to allow easy, firm clamping.

Reed designs versatile vices that are the best value for your money. Choose a product that works as hard as you do and choose a Reed pipe vices.

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