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Knaack Job Site Storage

Knaack is a manufacturer of high quality job site storage solutions.  There boxes are constructed of a heavy gage steel to stand up to the demands of construction and industrial sites.  We offer a full selection of Knaack products that include cabinets, chests, piano boxes and work benches.  Knaack is well known for the secure “hard to break into” gang boxes.  Their Watchman IV recessed lock housing makes it difficult for the boxes to be broken into by concealing most of the lock (except for key side of the lock).  This makes it extremely difficult to cut the lock and enter the box.  All the job site gang boxes have skids welded securely in place so it makes it easy to move around with a fork lift or lull even when fully loaded.  Another great feature is the ability to add wheels to the gang box; we offer 4in., 5in. and 6in high quality locking casters.  With casters installed the jobsite boxes are a easy to move around on a solid surface like concrete or asphalt.  Knaack’s rolling work benches offer a great solution for securly storing tools and supplies as well as a strong steel surface to work on.


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