Reed Mfg Strap & Chain Wrenches from Jim & Slim's Tool Supply - Jim & Slims Tool Supply

Strap & Chain Wrenches

Reed Strap and Chain wrenches are long-lasting, durable wrenches any pipe welder or construction professional needs in his toolbox.  Designed to apply extreme torque with a sturdy grip, these valuable wrenches will help you tackle your toughest project, no matter how big.

 Strap wrenches are an excellent option when working with plastic or polished metal pipe.  These wrenches have extreme gripping strength and will not scratch or deform the material.  Featuring a handle made of iron, with an especially strong polyester strap, you can be assured you are buying the most durable strap wrench available.  Reed’s coated strap is slip resistance and a perfect tool when working with irregular shapes or slick, smooth surfaces.  Reed offers wrench models with extra-long straps for increased leverage on large diameters and a version that is ideal for filters.

 Reed’s heavy-duty chain wrench is useful for all types of pipe fitting, especially, but not limited to, waterworks and plumbing jobs.  Chain wrenches provide safe, reliable, and powerful torque.  The dual reversible jaws permit ratchet action in either direction without removing the chain wrench from the pipe.  These wrenches offer a specially-designed, in-line handle and jaw design that allows the user to rest the wrench on the pipe while placing the chain in the chain slots.  This makes work set-up simple, fast, and much easier than holding the wrench during this operation.

 Reed offers more sizes of chain wrenches than other providers, fitting diameters up to 18 inches.  Reed chain wrenches are longer-lasting, because they have up to twice as many chain slots as any competitor’s tool.  That spreads the force, providing a safer tool for the operator.


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