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Extended Sockets

Reed Extended Sockets go long for deep well needs and are built with impact grade materials.  Extended sockets are great for every day mechanical needs – tightening hex nuts on repair clamps, mechanical joint fittings, and saddles. 

 On the job, you never know when you may need an extended socket.  There’s no need to slow down your work and waste valuable time because your socket just can’t reach.  Purchase Reed’s Extended Socket Kit to save time and money by ensuring you are prepared for any need at your work site.  The socket kit includes five of Reed’s Extended Sockets in a durable, rugged case made to withstand the toughest environment.  With this kit, be assured you can complete the job on time with top-rated customer satisfaction.

 Reed offers extended sockets in five sizes and two shapes.  They drive with a half-inch square drive impact wrench.  Hand tightening is also an option.  Reed Extended Sockets have a zinc phosphate finish and resist corrosion.  Whether you are a plumbing professional, maintenance technician, or do-it-yourself guru, don’t settle for wobbly fits when it comes to tightening and loosening nuts.  When your socket just can’t reach where you need to work, purchase a Reed Extended Socket available in a hex size perfect for your need.

 Don’t waste time, because you don’t have the right tool.  We offer affordable, reliable tools that you need in your toolbox.  Purchase Reed Extended Sockets today so you can finish any job quickly and maintain top customer satisfaction and have pride in a job well done.


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