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Hydrant Wrenches

Reed Hydrant Wrenches are available in three different variations – the HW, HWB, and HWS45 – each designed with a different need in mind.  The HW and HWB both fit pentagon nuts up to 1 and 3/4 inch or square nuts up to 1 and 1/4 inch, and both models have spanners for either pin or lug style hose couplings.  The solid bar stock handle on both these models are strong and knurled to guarantee secure gripping for critical field applications.  Reed’s HW model is designed of forged steel, and the HWB is made of cast ductile iron; both are plated in zinc chrome to resist corrosion.


Reed also offers the HWS45 Hydrant Wrench, which is a Storz style wrench for hydrants and Storz fittings of sizes 4-inch and 5-inch.  On the HWS45 model, the head casting has a spanner hook that loops out to grab lugs on the Storz fittings.  This allows the entire hydrant wrench to turn these fittings for maximum leverage.


Save time on the job, and purchase a Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench to ensure you are prepared and can handle those stubborn hydrant nuts.  For extra leverage when you really need it, Reed Ratcheting Hydrant Wrenches feature long handles and adjustable, snug-fitting sockets for tackling tough pentagon on square nuts.  Adjust socket sizes quick and easy with the thumb-screw feature. 


When it comes to hydrant work, there’s no time to waste.  Make sure you are prepared for emergencies and just general maintenance when you buy the fastest wrench at a great price.  Stock your toolbox today with Reed standard and ratcheting hydrant wrenches. 


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