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Tapping Machines

Water service professionals need heavy-duty, time-saving machines when it comes to tapping pipes. Make the job simple for your workers with these user-friendly, low profile waterworks tools that are lightweight and compact. Customize your tapping machine with a variety of accessories to ensure you have the perfect size and fit for your project.

Reed's Direct Tapping Machines are designed for water mains that are still under pressure. The specially designed swing valve allows easy change-out from drill tap to corporation insertion tool without ever shutting down the main. This money-saving option ships with all necessary parts including the corporation insertion tools. Order saddle and drill taps separately to ensure the right size for your job.

Reed's Feed Tap tool allows you to use your own drill to tap the pipe while it remains under pressure. A great option or PVC taps, because it uses independent feed control matched with long-lasting and heavy-duty Reed Carbide Tipped Shell Cutters.

Reed's Mechanical Hot Tapping Machines are designed to for 4 inch valves on steel, galvanized, copper, brass of PVC pipe. Take your work to the next level with these waterworks tools designed for commercial and industrial applications. Able to withstand the toughest projects, these tapping machines are pressure rated 300 psi for ambient temperatures or 125 psi for steam systems. A great value, Reed's Hot Tapping Machine is the only tapping machine with valves, saddles, fittings and piping supplied by the operator.

Choose a tool that works as hard as you do. Reed Tapping Machines are made in the USA and lead the industry in offering durable, long-lasting tools.


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