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Drilling Machines

Water service professionals need heavy-duty, time-saving machines when it comes to drilling pipes. Make the job simple for your workers with these user-friendly, low profile waterworks tools that are lightweight and compact. Customize your drilling machine with a variety of accessories to ensure you have the perfect size and fit for your project.

Reed's Drilling Machines are portable and compact, allowing for easy access while the pipe is still under pressure. These waterworks drilling tools are specially designed with a quick clamp feed mechanism that requires little adjustment. The specially designed modular base allows fast and simple conversion to your direct tapping tool. The base units include a sturdy tool box designed to protect your investment on the toughest, dirtiest job site. Maximize the value of your investment by choosing from a variety of individual corporation adapters, drill or hole cutter adapters, and necessary drills or hole cutters. A multitude of accessories are available for the Drilling Machine ensuring you have the best tool for your specialized project.

Simply your PVC/PE drilling project with Reed's long-lasting PVC/PE Drilling Machines. Built to work as hard as you, the steel machine coated for corrosion resistance while working on pipes that remain under pressure. The base unit comes in a durable case, protecting your investment on the dirtiest job site. Make the most of your waterworks tool by purchasing the PVC/PE Shell Cutter that best suits your job to ensure you are prepared for a variety of applications.

Choose a tool that works as hard as you do. Reed Drilling Machines are made in the USA and lead the industry in offering durable, long-lasting tools.


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