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Reed PES6M Manual PE Pipe Shut Off Tool - 3in - 6in Cap.

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Reed offers the best designed tools for stopping flow in PE pipe, with capacities ranging from 1/2in to 8in. The PES1 series features a stationary bottom bar while the PES4 and PES2 series utilize an affixed bottom bar that swings open to fit over any location on the pipe. Additional features include aluminum parts for lighter weight, sliding bar handles for working in tight places, fine-pitched thread for a controlled, low effort squeeze, and grease fittings for easy operation and long life. All tools use positive stops to prevent damage caused by over-clamping. The PES8 series has a capacity of 3 to 8, and is available in manual or hydraulic models. The PES8M uses two stops providing 12 different pipe/SDR combinations. The PES8H includes a hydraulic pump, pressure gauge, and saddle clamps. An optional Flow Control Valve (#94317) permits controlled release of the upper jaw.

  • F1Aluminum parts´┐Żreduce tool weight for easier handling.
  • F2Positive stops prevent damage caused by over-clamping.
  • F3Multiple size/SDR stops on one pair of stops allow using one Reed tool for quick, convenient over-squeezing protection on a variety (see Pipe/SDR Stops above) of sizes.
  • F4Sliding bar handles make work in tight places easier and increase leverage for tightening.
  • F5Machined aluminum squeeze bars are anodized or painted to withstand varied climate and soil conditions.
  • F6Fine-pitched thread permits a controlled, low-effort squeeze. Easy to use in line because of swing bar and no loose parts. Includes an optional-use strap for lifting.
  • Also Known As:PES6M,4313,04313,
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