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Power Threaders

Thread pipes cleanly and professionally with Reed Power Threaders. Reed Power Drives are faster and safer than manually threading and give consistent, quality threads each time. Save time and money by investing in a long-lasting, durable Reed Power Threader.

Reed 5301PD Power Drive Threader is available in 120V or 240V depending on your project's needs. This power threader rotates the pipe while the cutting, threading, or reaming is done on pipes or bolts up to 2 inches in diameter. Reed surpasses the competition by using long-lasting high speed steel dies, not alloy dies, and Reed includes an all-steel oiler with 60" of hose (rather than a plastic oiler with 54" of hose). This power drive machine has a flat housing top that provides a handy workspace to keep your tools nearby.

Reed 601PD and 700PD Power Threaders provide heavy-duty power in a lightweight, compact tool to get quality results for professional threading jobs. The 601PD weighs less than any other power drive on the market. The 700PD features a vinyl-coated handle that provides better electrical safety to the operator. Both options are portable and include durable carrying cases. Safety is important no matter where your job takes you, and these Reed Power Threaders include safety arms designed to absorb the force from threading and freeing up the operator to oil the dies during threading. Choose Reed's 700APD Pneumatic Power Threader for threading in an environment where electric shock or sparks are hazardous.

Construction professionals need a power drive that works as hard as they do. Reed's Power Threaders are easy to use, precise, and consistent. A Reed Power Threader is the professional, high-quality power drive choice that outworks the competition by adding value with free safety arms and improved oilers.


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