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Benner Nawman Rebar Cutters & Benders

Cutters are shipped in a plastic or steel carrying case (except DC-32WH in a wooden box) with tools, hydraulic oil, parts breakdown and handling instructions. Tune-up kits are available for general maintenance, includes a set of cutting blocks, cap bolts, quart of hydraulic oil, stopper bolt w/retainer and a set of electric motor brushes.

*DCC-1618 unit ships with (2) NiCad batteries and a 30-60 minute charger, 75-100 cuts per battery charge.

Benner Nawman Professional Tools

  • Reliable and Portable - Easily carried to the job site for in-place applications, can be used overhead.
  • Quality and Refinement - DIAMOND originated this concept in 1972, continuous development has led to higher output, lower weight and even greater toughness and durability.
  • Efficient and Powerful - 115 Volt, 50/60 Hz electrically-driven hydraulic systems. 220 Volt available.
  • New Standard Features - A pressure relief valve & safety cutting guard are being implemented.
  • Heavy-Duty Pistons - Heat-treated to withstand daily operational stress.
  • Wear-Resistant Pumps - The precision engineered ram assemblies and heat-treated cylinders ensure extreme resistance to wear. An innovative magnetic metal particle filter is employed.
  • Forged Steel Housings - For increased strength and durability when cutting grade 60 rebar.
  • Easy-set Stopper Bolts - To maintain rebar at right angle to the piston, quickly and easily adjustable to accommodate different sizes of rebar. Stopper bolt must be used on every cut.
  • Long-Life Cutter Blocks - Made of special grade alloy tool steel, the cutter blocks can be rotated so that all four edges may be used.
  • Economical - Typically one set of cutting blocks will cut 8,000 to 10,000 pieces of rebar before requiring replacement, that's about one cent per cut.
  • Safety - No sparks or flames like cutting torches or abrasive blades. These rebar cutters use a cold cutting shear method that is specified in highway building codes. Great for epoxy-coated rebar.
  • Fast - Cuts the rebar two to three times faster than manual cutters, torches or saws with abrasive blades.
  • Warranty - One (1) year, includes parts and labor with Nationwide Authorized Warranty Centers.
  • Cutter Usage - MD stands for Medium-Duty Usage, HD stands for Heavy-Duty Usage.

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