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Benner-Nawman Rebar Cutter/Bender Combination

Add maximum power and innovation to your work site with a Benner-Nawman rebar cutter/bender combination. For the contractor who wants it all, this product combines two super tools into one hard-working machine. With just a flip of one toggle switch, change over from rebar cutting to bending. Turn the round knob to the desired rebar bend, from zero to 180 degrees. Harness the precision and safety of Benner-Nawman cutters along with the power and durability of BN benders with this innovative combination tool. 

For the top-of-the-line essential rebar cutter and bender, choose Benner-Nawman DBC-3225. Designed for contractor comfort and safety, the stand is built to ideal height and allows for hands-free cutting with power coming from a foot pedal and secured to its stand. The complete set is extremely valuable, because it allows for portability by removing the rebar cutter and using it on its own away from the stand. There is no hard-wiring required. Simply plug the machine into a weather-protective electrical outlet. Save critical work hours with the combo tool that bends and cuts rebar in seconds.

When portability is required for your work, choose the DBC-16H, named as one of the most innovative products at World of Concrete. This combination tool allows the operator to bend and cut in-place rebar, whether it’s protruding from a concrete wall, floor or column. Also, use this tool to fabricate what you need at the work table. These valuable tools will save time and money by doing heavy-duty fabrication on site, quickly and correctly.


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