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Benner Nawman Portable Paddle Mixers

Benner-Nawman portable paddle mixers are designed for portability, giving you the convenience to mix small batches of cement no matter where your work takes you. These portable mixers work in any container holding the material you need to mix, whether concrete, natural-lime plaster, or most other materials. The mixers use either a single or double shaft with paddles that immerse in the mixture and then begin the mixing process.

Start mixing high-viscosity mortars faster and safer. Invest in a Benner-Nawman professional mixer to reduce the wear and tear on your standard ½in. drill motor.  Not only do the BN professional mixers work faster than a standard drill, but a professional contractor will go through 3-4 standard drill motors to match the long-lasting power of the Benner-Nawman high torque motor. For even higher-power mixing, choose a double paddle model where one paddle turns clockwise and the other counterclockwise.

Portable Paddle Mixers come packed in a durable rugged carrying case to keep the mixer and accessories safe and together at your work site. The case includes the mixer, paddle, handles, cord, and wrenches. The innovative Benner-Nawman portable mixer comes equipped with a variable mixing speed knob allowing the operator to increase or decrease the stirring speed depending on the type of material you are mixing.  The trigger will lock into place for continuous mixing, which helps reduce hand soreness. Reversing paddle rotation is quick an easy with a toggle switch that changes the rotation from forward to reverse. These mixers are perfect for professional construction sites or do-it-yourself projects at home.


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