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Benner-Nawman Rebar Cutters

Benner-Nawman rebar cutters are changing the way contractors quickly and safely cut rebar and a variety of other materials. These compact tools work in any environment and are ideal for masons, swimming pool professionals, and ICF contractors. Primarily used for cutting through rebar, these edge-cutting saws will also slice through bolts, chain, pipe, burglar bars, coil rod, and all-thread rod. Add value to your work with a Benner-Nawman cutter that consistently and safely makes a quick, clean, flush cut.

Safety is a high priority on every job site. The innovative flush-cutting blade greatly reduces blade exposure to ensure operator safety. The unique tool releases minimal sparks as it slices through rebar, leaving the cut material burr-free and immediately cool to the touch. Choose a portable model to avoid tangles around the job site and prevent workers from tripping and hurting themselves.

Choose from an assortment of Benner-Nawman Rebar Cutters to fit your job. Available as medium or heavy duty, these tools are compact and lightweight with cordless models available. A variety of options for your cutting needs – the BN cutters are available from in 16mm, 20mm, 25mm and 30mm.  Choose the DC-20WH for a cutter lower in weight without sacrificing higher output with greater toughness and durability. The compact BNCE-20 is the ideal cutter to maneuver in small areas and includes a 3-position removable side handle with rotating trigger handle. With the ability to easily maneuver your job site and cut as thick as #6 rebar, there is a Benner-Nawman saw perfect for your work. 


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