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Benner-Nawman Rebar Benders

Following the success of its durable, portable rebar cutters, Benner-Nawman released an innovative line of rebar benders. These powerful benders come in a variety of portable options, either as table-top or hand-held models, allowing you to bend from 90 to 180 degrees in seconds wherever your work takes you. Benner-Nawman also offers models that straighten the strongest rebar, giving you real solutions for the toughest projects.

Designed for all types of work, you can choose to add value to your production shop with a heavy-duty, table top DBD-32X, designed to bend 1-1/8 Grade 60 rebar 180 degrees in 8 seconds. They work fast and accurate and are perfect for small to large production shops. Choose a table-top option that includes two preset angle locks to quickly repeat the same precise angle bend.  

Alternatively, choose a compact model, the HB-16W hand-held portable electric/hydraulic bender, to save hours out on the job site. The DBR-25WH is another hand-held model available that can bend or straighten #4 to #8 grade 60 with its push/pull hydraulic capabilities. Choose a model with an optional bending collar that gives you the ability to increase bending radius while minimizing rebar breakage. A 90-degree optional bending shoe and collar make it simple to repeat the same 90-degree bend quickly and consistently.

Benner-Nawman rebar benders are available in a variety of sizes to fit your rebar project. No matter the tensile strength for where the bend takes places, Benner-Nawman has a solution for your job. Whether it’s a large-scale construction project or a residential home project, adding a rebar bender to your tool box will add value and save time.


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