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Rebar Tools

See the full line of rebar hand tools for the professional rod buster. These high quality tools make bending rebar, tying rebar, and placing rebar fast and efficient. We have professional tools from Kraft Tool & Klein Tool.  We have the simple tie wire twister as well as a spring loaded twister and the most popular Klein Ironworker Pliers.  We also have a choice of a professional metal or economy plastic tie wire reels. You can also choose from rebar hickey’s and manual benders that will handle rebar from #3 to the #9.  We also offer a portable manual rebar cutter bender that will handle up to #5 rebar  There is also a choice of two different pry bars when the rebar needs some additional convincing to get it into the right locations.

These tools aren’t just for the professional rodbuster. These are high quality professional tools that concrete form carpenters, iron workers, superintendents, foreman, and many others trust every day.

Look at our selection of electric rebar benders and cutters.


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