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Concrete Hand Tools

See our full selection on concrete tools for forming concrete, placing concrete, and finishing concrete for slabs, patios sidewalks, precast panels, foundations, walls, concrete columns, and many other concrete applications.

Browse through our selection of rebar hand tools from quality manufactures like Klein Tool and Kraft Tool. You will find strong and durable rebar hickeys for bending and straightening rebar. If you need to pry something into place, we also offer strong heavy duty pry bars. Getting rebar tied tight and right is important and easy to do when you have the professional iron worker tie wire twisting pliers, iron worker diagonal cutters, tie wire twisters, and tie wire reels to do it.

There are a variety of tools used for placing or pouring concrete. You might need concrete chutes, kumalongs, concrete spreaders, screeds, and hand tampers. Quality bull floats or fresno trowels are other key items to have on hand when pouring concrete and getting the concrete spread and in place. And don’t forget the handles to reach out across the concrete pour. There are two popular types of lightweight handles, made of either magnesium or aluminum, the "button handle" or the "threaded handle." Either one is a good choice to use with a bull float, fresno trowel, edgers, and groovers.

Finishing concrete requires another set of tools that helps ensure you get the desired finish. The concrete finishing trowel choices seem endless. They are manufactured from a variety of steels, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and blue steel. Magnesium floats, or "mag floats," are another hot item used to finish concrete. Concrete knee boards are another popular accessory that add a bit of comfort to finishing concrete. Concrete edgers and concrete groovers are also available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit many applications including control joints, edging concrete steps, concrete curbs, and gutters.  

Most concrete placers and finishers are particular about the tools and the brands they use, and be assured you will only find high quality concrete tools at Jim & Slim’s Tool Supply.

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