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Concrete Finishing Trowels

Concrete finishing trowels are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials.  Popular concrete finishing trowel sizes are 12in. to 18in. long by 3in. to 5in. wide.

Concrete finishing trowels are manufactured in a variety of materials, including carbon steel, blue steel, golden stainless steel, and Swedish stainless steel. Each type of trowel offers a different feel to the user.

One of the most popular improvements to trowels are cushioned grips, which allow the user to work with the trowel for longer periods with less fatigue.

Trowels also come in different shapes. There are rectangular trowels, trowels with round ends (pool trowels), and trowels with one square end and a round end.  Each trowel has its purpose and users are usually particular about what trowel they use.

Some concrete trowels are also interchangeable for stucco and plaster applications.

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