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ICS 680GC/680ES Saws, Bars, & Chains

The ICS 680ES concrete chainsaw is a popular choice for the remodeler, general contractor, and mechanical contractor who only needs the saw occasionally and doesn't want to break the bank.  It is available with a 12in. or 14in. depth of cut (bar). The saw package comes complete with the 680ES powerhead, bar, and standard TwinMAX chain.  It is the ideal tool for cutting window and door openings, and duct and pipe openings. The saw is lightweight and can be used in horizontal or vertical positions.

There are three different types of replacement MAX series chains available for the ICS680ES. Standard TwinMAX is designed for everyday uses. TwinMAX Plus is ideal for harder materials. Finally, the TwinMAX Abrasive is designed for abrasive material like masonry block.



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