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880F4/890F4/701-A Hydraulic & Pneumatic Saws, Diamond Chains & Bars

ICS hydraulic and pneumatic saws are built for long work days and tough environments. ICS, the inventors of Diamond Chain Technology, continue to lead the chainsaw industry offering innovative and enhanced saws and chains.  The new ProFORCE Diamond Chains are the strongest and longest-lasting diamond chain available. The ProFORCE chains feature laser-welded diamond segments and SealPro O-ring technology for longer life, making these chains ideal for heavy, professional use. Choosing the best chain is critical to maintaining the value of your saw purchase. Buying an ICS ProFORCE Diamond Chain ensures maximum efficiency from your concrete saw.

Combining hydraulic power with the superior strength of ICS FORCE4 technology, the 890-series chainsaws are designed to handle the toughest cutting jobs. Cutting through concrete walls, floors and columns is rough work, so ICS redesigned the rear handle on the 890 chainsaw offering improved ergonomic cutting and greater durability. Make the investment to buy a chainsaw that works as hard as you do - the ICS 890F4 will add long-lasting value to your job site.

The ICS 701A pneumatic saw is the toughest and most durable concrete saw available, making it ideal for any cutting professional's everyday use. Offering pneumatic power, available from common power sources, this chainsaw plunges up to 20 inches through thick, tough surfaces, from natural stone and brick to cast iron and ductile iron. Pneumatic power chainsaws do not emit gas and oil fumes making it ideal for enclosed work conditions. The ICS 701A is a valuable tool for any tough project - effectively slice through walls, floors, pipes and columns with a single pass, saving you time and energy.

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