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ICS offers a wide range of complete chain saw packages to choose from. They are the tools of choice if you need square corners with no over cuts, precise openings, concrete pipe taps, deep plunge cuts, or tight radius cuts. ICS saws are the perfect option for cutting reinforced concrete, masonry, brick, or natural stone.  You can choose from gas powered, hydraulic powered, or air powered models.

Gas powered saws are a great choice for flexibility, as no additional power source is required – just connect the water hose and start cutting.  You can choose from either the 680ES or the 695GC/F4 two cycle engines.  The 680ES is a very reliable and popular model and is available with either a 12in. or 14in. guide bar for concrete or a 10in. guide bar for cutting ductile, cast iron, or PVC pipe. The 695GC/F4 has a powerful 94cc two cycle engine to tackle the tougher jobs. It is available with your choice of 12in., 14in. or 16in. guide bars for concrete and a 16in guide bar for ductile, cast iron, and PVC pipe.

Hydraulic saws are a popular option for Pro-Cutters and heavy users because of the power and torque available to meet the demands of frequent use.  Another popular reason to choose the hydraulic saw is the noise, or rather the lack of it, since the power source is typically 50-75ft away from the cutting location and the saw produces very little noise compared to the gas saws.  The 890F4 hydraulic saw package contains a 890F4 powerhead, 15in guide bar, and chain for cutting concrete.  There are two utility saw packages for cutting ductile, cast iron, and PVC pipe: either 15in or 20in guide bar and PowerGrit chain combos. ICS also offers the 814PRO hydraulic saw package with a 13in. bar and chain. This is a lightweight choice if a 13in depth of cut will meet your needs.

Air powered concrete chainsaws are becoming a more popular option if you already have a tow behind compressor.  Like the hydraulic saws, the air powered saws are much quieter’s since the power source is typically located fifty to seventy five feet away.  The pneumatic saw has a powerful 6.5 hp. motor and is available with a 15in bar and chain for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, or natural stone.  It is also available in a utility saw package with either 15in or 20in PowerGrit chain and guide bar.


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