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15in Force4 Diamond Chains

Use with the 890F4, 890F4-FL hydraulic concrete chain saws and with the 701-A pneumatic concrete chainsaw.

Use 523080 15in Force4 Guide Bar

ProFORCE™ Series Chains

From the company that revolutionized concrete chain saws comes a revolution in diamond chains: ProFORCE™ Series. Designed to be used only with the FORCE4® system, it is the strongest, longest lasting diamond chain ever made. Available in five configurations to meet most concrete cutting challenges.

  • ProFORCE - Tough general purpose diamond chains that excel in common cutting jobs.
  • ProFORCE Premium - Delivering longer life in hard aggregate, this is the best choice when faced with the more demanding jobs.
  • ProFORCE Premium S - Speed and strength in one chain. Built to cut fast in medium to hard concrete.
  • ProFORCE Abrasive - A heavy duty diamond chain that excels in the harshest, most abrasive cutting environments
  • PowerGrit -Ductile Iron Pipe, Cast Iron Pipe, PVC Pipe, HDPE Pipe, Insituform Pipe Linin


  • Strongest, most durable patented chain design
  • Laser welded diamond segments
  • Contains SealPro® O-ring technology for longer life
  • Designed for heavy, professional use
  • Available for hydraulic and gas-powered saw


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