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Cast In Place ADA Systems

Cast In Place ADA Systems

The proven and most trusted Truncated Dome Detectable Warning solution in the world.

  • For use in new curb ramps or new construction
  • Pressed into place in freshly poured concrete
  • Cast-In-Place Tiles have a 1/4in. nominal thickness and feature embedment ribs 3in. on center through entire length of tile
  • Plastic sheeting protection covers entire surface of Cast-In-Place Tile
  • Standard sizes: 24in. x 36in., 24in. x 48in., 24in. x 60in., 36in. x 48in. and 36in. x 60

Cast in Place Tactile is made of a colorfast and UV stable homogenous glass and carbon composite with fiberglass truncated domes for enhanced durability. The Cast in Place Tactile is used for new curb ramps or new construction applications and is a great long-term solution for any project, under any weather conditions.

All of our truncated dome tactile surfaces are in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Public Right-of-Way (PROW) and California Title 24 Requirements. ADA Solutions Inc., products are approved for use by all major municipalities, DPW’s and state DOT's.

DOME GEOMETRY - In accordance with ADA Regulations for Detectable Warning on Curb Ramps: Raised truncated domes with a diameter of nominal 0.9in., a height of nominal 0.2in., and a center-to-center spacing of 1.67in. minimum, and 2.35in. maximum.

PANEL DIMENSIONS - Tactile Units are available in 2’x3’ , 2’x4’ , 2’x5’ , 3’x4’ and 3’x5’ sizes. Tactile Units may also be custom configured to accommodate specific project requirements. Tactile Units measure 0.25in. nominal thickness and feature embedment ribs at 3in. on center.

MATERIAL - A durable exterior grade homogenous glass, carbon, and fiberglass reinforced composite material which is colorfast and UV stable. The color of the Tactile Unit is uniform throughout and does not rely on any type of paint coating to achieve color stability.

Standard  colors  include:  Federal  Yellow,  Seattle  Yellow,  White,  Brick Red, Clay Red, Safety Red, Blue, Dark Gray and Black.

For superior  wheelchair,  walker  and  shopping  cart  mobility,  truncated  domes have a center-to-center (horizontally and vertically) spacing of 2.35 inches.

INSTALLATION - Tactile Units are to be used on new curb ramp locations. The Tactile Units can be pre-filled with concrete and set in place or pressed into place in the freshly poured concrete.

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