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ADA Mats for Radius

ADA Mats for Radius

ADA Soultions is the leading U.S. manufacturer of detectable warning surfaces

The Only True Universal Radius Tile in the Industry. They are avaliable in 6 different colors.

The ADA Solution systems are useable for most radius curb applications, including both new construction and retrofit projects. All panels are pre-scored to be cut at 10', 15', and 20' radiuses and are available as:

  • Cast In Place Replaceable truncated dome detectable warning systems
  • Surface Applied truncated dome detectable warning systems

What Are Radius Tactile Panels and Why Are They Helpful? - Radius Tactile panels are detectable warning systems placed on walkways to alert the visually impaired and anyone walking on the path of changes. These panels are compression molded and made of a fiberglass-reinforced plastic material for enhanced durability.

They are typically found on sidewalk curb ramps, at constructions sites, train stations, and other busy intersections. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, these warning systems serve as stop signs for the visually impaired. In today's world, with more people directing their attention to technological devices like smartphones, Radius Tactile panels can also serve as a warning signal to those without impairments. Our design and development team works diligently to ensure that we continue to meet the specifications of government agencies, municipalities, and contractors.

Incorporating These Systems Into Your New Construction - Whether you are constructing a shopping center or installing a sidewalk at a busy intersection, our tactile surfaces are a necessary component. All of our truncated dome Radius Tactile panels are in full compliance with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, Public Right-of-Way, and California Title 24 requirements.

You can incorporate our Tactile Systems into your new construction by ensuring that they are strategically placed near steps and ramps and on the edges of every raised platform. Our panels can be quickly replaced in less than six minutes, you can easily make adjustments or replacements during the construction process. They can also be used to retrofit over an existing concrete substrate and installed in as little as 10 minutes.

Jim & Slim's Tool Supply is the go to source for high-quality Radius Tactile Detectable Warning Systems manufactured by ADA Soultions.

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