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Replaceable Wet-Set ADA Systems

Replaceable Wet-Set ADA Systems

Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile Panels from ADA Solutions, Inc. provide safe curb ramp surfaces that are compliant with applicable governmental regulations like the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), Public Right-of-Way, and California's Title 24 requirements. Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile Panels come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit various situations and projects.

Features and Installation

Available sizes for Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile Panels include 24in. x 36in., 24in. x 48in., 24in. x 60in., 36in. x 48in., and 36in. x 60in. to suit different applications. The colorfast, UV-stable homogenous glass and carbon composite is enhanced with fiberglass truncated domes. The panels are intended to be placed in wet concrete during new construction and are the only 100 percent replaceable detectable warning products available on the market today.

Suggested Installation Applications

When an existing site is being updated for better handicap access, or new sidewalks or curb ramps are being installed, ADA Solutions offers the Cast in Place Replaceable Tactile Panels for the most durable and cost-effective solution available. We produce all of our products in the United States with the highest quality materials available. Our products outperform all other tactile warning systems, providing our customers with solutions that exceed requirements for water absorption, slip resistance, wear, weather, and chemical resistance, UV stability, compressive strength, and detectability.

Our production capacity allows us to keep a substantial inventory on hand, reducing delivery times and making it possible for us to provide you with as many products as you need for a given project. Top quality products, excellent customer service, and readily available inventory have made us the top producer of tactile warning systems on the market. Contact us today to discuss your needs and which products will best suit your project.

Inline Dome Pattern


In accordance with ADA Regulations for Detectable Warning on Curb Ramps: Raised truncated domes with a diameter of nominal 0.9”, a height of nominal 0.2in. and a center-to-center spacing of 2.35in..


ADA Cast-In-Place Replaceable Tactile units (ADAREP) are available in 24in. x 36in., 24in. x 48in., 24in. x 60in., 36in. x 48in. and 36in. x 60in. sizes. ADAREP units may also be custom configured to accommodate specific project requirements. ADAREP  units  measure 1/4in. nominal thickness and feature a 3/8in. thick x 1in. wide perimeter “flange.”


A  durable  exterior  grade  homogenous  glass,  carbon  and  fiberglass  reinforced composite material which is colorfast and UV stable. The color of the ADAREP unit is uniform throughout and does not rely on any type of paint coating to achieve color stability. Standard colors include: Federal Yellow, Seattle Yellow, White, Brick Red, Clay Red, Safety Red, Blue, Dark Gray and Black. For superior wheelchair, walker and shopping cart mobility, truncated domes have a center-to-center (horizontally and vertically) spacing of 2.35 inches.

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