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ICS 680ES Gas-Powered Concrete Chain Saw

The ICS 680ES concrete chainsaw is am affordable and popular concrete saw for remodelers, general contractors, and mechanical contractors who only need the saw occasionally.  The saws are normally purchased as a complete package that includes the motor, bar and chain. They are available in two popular sizes – choose either 12in. or 14in. depth of cut (bar).  It is the ideal tool for cutting window and door, duct, and pipe openings, as well as other common applications for remodelers.  The saw is lightweight and can be used in horizontal or vertical positions. It only requires 20psi of water pressure to operate.  A Powerful 73.5cc (4.7 cu. in.) engine powers through up to 14in. of concrete. The newly designed powerhead is designed to run cooler than previous models and now allows the use of 50:1 mixed gas just like other common hand held gas saws – no need to have another fuel can around.  We offer a full line of 12 inch replacement chains and bars and 14 inch replacement chains and bars.

The 680ES is also available with the Force4 Powergrit diamond chain The PowerGrit diamond chains was developed to cut ductile iron, cast iron PVC and other similar materials.  Using the ICS PowerGrit Chainsaw saves time and increases operator safety. The PowerGrit Saws saw packages are also available in the ICS 695F4 Gas Saw, 890F4 Hydraulic Saw and 701-A Pneumatic.  Click here for all the PowerGrit saw options. PowerGrit Replacement chains are available here.


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