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Concrete Chain Saws

The diamond-based concrete chainsaw is an amazing innovation that created a solution for many concrete cutting challenges. One of the biggest problems it solved was time reduction by introducing a portable saw that was able to cut through concrete up to 14in. thick from one side, saving tons of time in the process. Today, gas powered concrete chainsaws are able to plunge cut up to 16in. and the current hydraulic and pneumatic powered concrete chainsaws are able to cut through as much as 25in. of solid concrete, natural stone, masonry, and even ductile pipe with the correct chain. No need to cut from two sides or hiring a professional concrete cutter – save time and money and do it yourself!

Some popular applications for a concrete cutting chainsaw are egress windows in basements, new door and window openings, duct work openings, concrete storm drain taps, and landscape and hardscape jobs.  All cuts can be made in solid concrete, natural stone, synthetic rock, brick, masonry, and other similar material.

After ICS introduced the SealPro O-ring Diamond Chain technology, cutting concrete with a concrete chainsaw became a time-saving and affordable option. It eliminated the need for an additional water pump to increase the water pressure, which reduced chain stretch and allows the user to get more cuts from a single diamond chain, saving time and money! Make sure to get the original ICS SealPro Diamond Chain when a replacement is needed.

ICS introduced the PowerGrit chain that is designed for cutting PVC, ductile, and cast-iron pipe. This created a safer alternative to using a hand held cut off saw with the blade exposed to users. The saw gives the user the ability to cut through the pipe from one side, this helps reduce the since of the dig in most cases – saving time and money. Kickback is not a problem like traditional saws with round blades – increasing user safety. Air and hydraulic PowerGrit chainsaws models can be used submerged if necessary – no need to wait until the hole to be pumped out saving valuable time.


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