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Diamond Core Bits & Accessories

We sell top quality wet and dry core bits and accessories for deep drilling in concrete and cement. Diamond-tipped hole saws apply no impact when in operation, protecting your surface from cracks and damage. Diamond core drill bits don’t rely on the hammering action that the hammer drill uses. This means that there is no impact applied to the surface being cut or drilled. Diamond core rigs are quite a bit larger than standard hammer drills, and they require a lengthy setup time. The rig is firmly mounted to the surface being drilled. The smooth cutting or drilling action creates a lot of friction and heat, and must be cooled with water for the duration of the cut. Diamond core rigs are equipped with a water hose attachment for this very purpose. Holes up to 80-inches can be drilled with a Diamond core rig.

Choose the Premium Diamond Turbo for a Diamond Core Bit that maximizes the diamond concentration along the bit to give a quick, seamless cut on heavy to very heavy steel applications. The fluted segment design speeds the cutting process, making this also an ideal general-purpose bit that will slice through most any material. Available in sizes from 2 to 12 inches.

Buy a Precast Diamond Core Bit for long-lasting use on general purpose cutting and to slice through light steel or pre-tensioned wire.  Diamond Precast Core Bits are made with half length, closely spaced segments to fill in gaps that resist segment failure from pre-tensioned wire and cable.  We sell Precast Diamond Core Bits in sizes from 2 to 6 inches.

Diamond Products was the first company to introduce dry hole saw bits and no company makes them better. In seconds, you can drill through block and soft brick without water. Purchase a Dry Diamond Hole Saw today. We offer sizes from 1 to 6 inches.

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