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Fall Protection Harnesses

Fall protection harnesses are available in multiple types and sizes to fit your needs and your budget. The most common options are multi-use, positioning, confined space, ladder climbing and special material full body harnesses.

The effectiveness of a fall-protection harness is directly related to its suitability for the job at hand. The most important differences in harnesses is the amount of and the placement of the D-Rings. Most common a full-body harness has a single D-Ring in the back. This back D-Ring model is used in most general applications where fall arrest is the main concern, additionally it can also be used for rescue retrieval making it versatile enough for most any projects.

Another common fall-protection harness features 3 D-Rings - one on the back and two on the sides. This design offers the D-Ring on the back for general fall arrest, and the two additional D-Rings are used to secure the position of the worker. This style harness is common among concrete form carpenters and rebar tiers.

Additional fall-protection harnesses offer front D-Rings and shoulder D-Rings. Front D-Rings can be used for fall arrest up to 2 feet, and they can also be used for rescue and retrieval applications. This option is commonly used in ladder climbing applications. Shoulder D-Rings are intended to be used as a pair for rescue and retrieval applications.

Fall-protection harnesses safeguard workers, but they also offer comfort and practicality. Choose a model with lumbar support, shoulder pads, and/or tool-carrying options.  Shop our thorough line of fall-protection harnesses to find the most effective, affordable model for your project.

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