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Pipe Cutting & Beveling

B&B offers superior pipe and industrial tools. Automatic and manual chain pipe cutters are flame-type pipe cutting and beveling machines that come standard equipped with hoses. cutting torches, and tips. The manual chain pipe cutter uses a chain and gear drive system to bevel cuts or straight cuts, clockwise or counterclockwise. An interlocking chain is easily adjusted for various pipe sizes. The automatic pipe cutter comes with a 110V motor providing automatic cutting with a remote handheld speed control.

B&B pipe beveling machines are of superior quality for professional pipe fabrication work. Choose from various models designed to meet the demands of any job, available in electric and pneumatic. The Prep 2 is lightweight and ideal for power station shut downs due to their ease of set up and speed of operation. Next, the Prep 3 is a slight step up from the Prep 2 offering increased range and increased power. The Prep 3 is regarded as the number one tool in the marine, boiler, and power generation industries. The Prep 4 is lightweight but powerful, performing equally well in the shop or job-site. The Prep 4 is torque reactive, requiring no clamping, making quick work of set up, bevel, and moving the operator onto the next bevel. The Prep 8 is designed to produce fast and accurate cuts on any type and thickness of material and considered the model ID bevel machine balancing power and efficiency. The Prep 16 is a heavy duty mid-range model ideal for off shore, nuclear, and other applications where precision welds are required at an incredible value. Lastly, the Prep 24 has a 2.61 KW motor that drives a reduction gearbox converting power into 12500 NM of torque offering exceptional performance.

B&B FAB pipe cutting and beveling machines are ideally suited for pipe fabrication shops and facilities. The E-Z model offers fast, one pass cutting and beveling with a machine quality finish. No more dirty flame cuts or unhealthy grinding dust. Achieve a perfectly machined finish in minutes or even seconds.

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