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Pipe Clamps & Pipe Fit-up

B&B pipe and industrial tools offer a complete line of pipe clamping and fit-up tools for the pipe fabricator. Single chain clamps, PDQ clamps, flange pins, and more all help the pipe fitter work safely and efficiently.

Single chain clamps are the number one tool for the welder / pipe fitter. This is a tough clamp with the strength to align and reform, while also lightweight and easy to operate. These single chain clamps are versatile and fit a variety of sizes of pipes, elbows, and tees, holding them safely in place during alignment. Double chain clamps offer the same functionality, but as an extra, heavy-duty clamp for pipes and vessels up to 20 feet with up to schedule 80 wall thickness.

The PDQ clamp is the most popular and easiest-to-use clamp, requiring practically no training to operate while also being extremely affordable. It’s designed to be lightweight but durable and long lasting on the job site. The King Clamp is similar in design and use to the PDQ, but stronger and tougher. The forged steel body will allow for years of use, making this clamp a great investment.

B&B offers precise and efficient scissor and spider clamps to increase productivity at your job site. These clamps offer the fastest method for aligning pipes of equal or different diameters on a common center line. The spider clamp features two separate clamps that expand to allow coaxial alignment of pipe and tubing with different diameters.

For fast fit-ups of the same pipe size when no reforming is required, consider a cage clamp. This lever style is the most cost effective cage clamp on the market, helping you finish the job and stay within budget. B&B pipe clamps and fit-up tools are built tough and offered at a very affordable price. Shop our extensive collection and place your order today.

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