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Retractable Lifelines

Retractable lifelines are popular tools for construction professionals who work at height, because they serve to stop a drop within inches of the fall. They are a durable and affordable tool for your safety system. They come in a variety of styles and options offering safety support for any budget.

These self-retracting lifelines typically attach to a D-ring on a safety harness and extend and release automatically with the professional as he or she moves to perform at-height work. The swiveling anchor should be placed above the worker’s head during the project. This anchor allows additional ease of movement while protecting the worker from tangling in the cable.  If a fall were to occur, a brake quickly activates within a short distance to stop a fall and limit the shock for the professional.

We offer retractable lifelines to meet any need for construction professionals. Designs are available in single or dual leg models to ensure you have the most effective option for your project. Models also come in a variety of lengths and strengths to meet the needs for your worker and the job at hand. Choose between galvanized or steel cable to ensure the best support suitable for your project.

Add retractable lifelines to your safety toolbox today. Have the assurance that you are offering your workers the most effective protection and give them peace of mind while working at height to increase productivity and ensure quality work. With the variety of affordable and durable retractable lifelines available, there is no need to compromise on safety at any job site.


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