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Hearing Protection

Protecting your ears is important anytime you are around loud noises. This can be at work, concerts, sporting events and entertainment venues. Make sure you, your workers, and your family are always protected from permanent, long-term hearing damage. We offer a variety of options for disposable and reusable hearing protection.

Banded ear plugs come in two different shapes to fit into your ears – conical and rounded. A conical shape offers superior comfort and fit. The rounded ear caps are ideal for all-day wear. The flexible band keeps ear buds in place and make it easy to locate your ear plugs.

Disposable earplugs gently plug into your ears and expand to fit the contours of each unique ear. We also sell disposable earplugs on cords so they are easy to keep up with throughout the day. These are an easy choice for hearing protection. If you are providing ear plugs to many workers and visitors, consider buying the disposable ear plug dispenser to ensure everyone always has access to ear protection.

Corded triple flange reusable ear plugs are extremely comfortable with three flanges of silicone that form a cozy seal for ear canals of all sizes. Buy these to have on hand and reuse whenever you need hearing protection.

Don't take a chance when it comes to hearing protection. Buy from us and get a great price on a high-quality product. Your purchase ships directly to you for extra convenience.


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