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Anchor Points

Anchor points are the key component that connects the safety harness system to a solid surface. Anchor points are offered in an array of styles suitable for any construction project. Anchorages can connect to most any surfaces including roof, steel, concrete, wood, and general surfaces. Anchor points can be permanently installed or removable and reusable.

A popular anchorage option is the web tie-off adaptor because of its versatility and quick installation. These pass-through straps are made of durable polyester and available in a variety of lengths. A Cross Arm Strap works similarly by wrapping around a structure and looping an O-ring through the standard D-ring. Additionally, a Cable Choker is a lightweight and extremely durable pass-through anchor point. These simple, easy-to-install anchor points are great options for ease of use and worker satisfaction.

We offer many options for anchoring with added mobility along beams. For complete hands-free horizontal mobility, consider the Glyder 2 Sliding Beam Anchor with a rotating D-ring fixed in the center of the anchor. Another effective option is the Beam Trolley Anchor that secures a harness and glides safely along beams.  Additionally, the Beam Sliding Anchor clamps to i-beam flanges and slides as the worker moves.

Construction professionals have endless options for anchorage systems. The easy to install and remove Concrete Wedge Anchorage Point with a swiveling D-ring tie-off point intended for vertical or horizontal systems. Additionally, a concrete anchor strap is a valuable option designed with a looped end to pass through rebar. Once concrete is poured and cured, the D-ring becomes a secure anchor point. We offer many options for permanent or reusable anchorage systems for concrete projects.

Shop our versatile selection of durable and secure anchor points to ensure you have the best anchorage system for your project.


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