Safewaze FS-FSP1411-W-RBH 11ft. Web Retractable with Double Locking Rebar Hook (Class A)


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The SafeWaze FS-FSP1411-W-RBH 11ft. web retractable lifeline features a mobility enhancing swivel-top, rugged durable housing, and unique braking system that eases shock and minimizes free fall distance in the event of a fall. The unit also includes a fall indicator that is sewn into the webbing.

  • F1Engraved housing
  • F2Fall indicator sewn into webbing
  • F33,600 lbs gate-rated snap hooks
  • F4Weight Capacity/Max Working Load 310 lbs (140.61 kg)
  • F5Meets OSHA 1926-502, ANSI Z359.14, ANSI A10.32
  • F6ANSI Classifications of SRDs - Class A: Maximum arresting distance up to 24 inches. Average arresting force not to exceed 1,350 lbs.

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