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Hand Chain Hoist

Hand chain hoists are used primarily for vertical lifting and use the power of the worker for operation.  A continuous chain called the hand chain is pulled, engaging the gearbox of the hoist, to raise the lifting chain. Manual hoists are often designed with load brakes and internal clutches to limit operating loads.

We offer hand chain hoists to lift many different weights – from 1/4 ton all the way to 20 tons.  The hand chain hoists we sell integrate safety, durability, and innovation, enabling them to operate in the most demanding industrial environments.  No matter how harsh the environment, the series hand chain hoist is engineered to perform.  

Hand Chain Hoists are simple to use and a simple solution for lifting heavy loads.  A Hand Chain Hoist has three main pieces as part of its design – the lifting chain, the lifting mechanism, and the hook.  Simply install the hoist, hook the item to the hoist’s chain, and begin pulling the chain by hand to lift the item.  Ensure the chain is not twisted so that the links move quickly and easily through the pulley system.


A hand chain hoist is ideal if you are looking for a quick hoist that is not complicated to use.  They do not need electricity, oil, or other additional resources to work.  They are cheaper that electric or hydraulic hoists.  They are simple to use and easy to repair and maintain.  Take advantage of our great price and buy a hand chain hoist today.

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